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Working principle

An expansion shaft is a pneumatically expandable shaft. The core is fixed but the usable shaft diameter can be increased by expanding cams or rulers that are controlled by compressed air. In this way, it is possible to put the shaft into a sleeve in its normal position and then apply compressed air so that the sleeve tightens around the shaft and rotates to wind or unwind the material. To remove the shaft from the tube, simply let the air escape and allow the cams or rulers to slide back in.


Expansion shafts were, of course, originally used in the textile and paper industries. However, the system can be perfectly integrated in any packaging process involving rolls of paper or film. Compared to a system with conical pieces, an expansion shaft offers the following advantages:

  • High accuracy
  • Time saving
  • No manual intervention required
  • The rolls are stretched over the full width


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Expansion shafts with cams

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Expansion shafts with rulers

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Service team repairs expansion shafts

Have your expansion shafts repaired with us!

We have most wear parts in stock. Therefore, our service team can always offer a quick service for the repair of your damaged shaft.