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Cooling water x x x x x x
Hot water x x x x x x
Steam x x x x
Cooling lubricant
Air x x x
Vacuum x x x
Hydraulic oil x x
Termal oil x x x
Dry running
With minimum lubrication

Maier koppelingen

Rotary joints are required in almost all sectors to transfer fluids to rotating machine parts. For simple applications, a standard coupling is sufficient. For more complex applications, the performance of your machine depends to a large extent on the right choice of coupling type.

The catalogue below introduces various designs and systems used for machines with a special focus on rotary joints designed for cooling. 


For hot water and steam at high pressures and speeds.

Rotary joint suitable for hot water and steam at high pressures and speeds. Relieved mechanical seal with external water cooling. Ideally suited for paper and fleece calendars, fibre and corrugated board machines. Suitable for large steam-heated dryers. Patented system.


For hot water and steam at high pressures and speeds.

Depending on the application, various sealing combinations can be selected. Highly suitable for the printing and plastics industry.


For thermal oil at high temperatures and speeds.

Rotary joint, unloaded mechanical seal. DQ, DQT, DQTX with additional cooling circuit for cooling and lubrication of bearings and seal. Particularly suitable for fast running calendars.


Universal rotary joint for water, equipped with mechanical seal and roller bearings.

DXS with highly resistant, ceramic-coated sealing surface for higher temperatures and speeds as well as a longer service life.


Rotary joint for compressed air.

Multiple channels for different pressures, large and small volumes. Manufactured in stainless steel with special sealing rings and counter surfaces made of ceramic or other hard material. Extremely resistant.


Maintenance-free carbon sealing rings and slide bearings

Universal rotary joint with maintenance-free carbon seals and slide bearings. Metal-impregnated sealing rings for thermal oil and high pressure loads with hot water and steam. Built-in vacuum valve at H3 for steam cylinder. Wide range of versions.


Robust rotary clutch for contaminated media at low speeds

Easily accessible lubrication points. Supporting bearing corrosion-resistant. Runner connection based on K-flange connection and standardised thread connections according to ISO 228. Reducing pieces for NPT thread available.


Multiple channels for simultaneous transmission

Multi-channel rotary joint for simultaneous passage of up to ten different media. For rotary tables, tools and moulds.